L.E.W. designs is soon to become "Drifting Winds Studio". This is a decision that I am very excited about, and the growth of my business this year.
You will be notified, and provided with new shelf cards with my new business name when things are final with the switch.
Thank you so much! 
- Lacy

MINIMUM OPENING ORDER QUANTITY - 8 Pieces of jewelry, form any collection.

MINIMUM RE-ORDER QUANTITY - 6 Pieces of jewelry, from any collection.

Turn around time can be up to 2 weeks. This is an estimate, there is the possibility of sooner turn around, depending on the items in your order. If a longer turn around time is necessary, this can be agreed upon, and put into writing. 

Payment is due on the day of shipment. A credit card number can be taken over the phone on the day of shipment, or an agreed day prior to shipment.

A flat $6.00 charge for shipping will be added to each order that is shipped. Orders ship complete.

Returns and exchanges will be made on a case to case basis. Please call with any problems, my aim is to keep customers happy.

Repairs will be made free of cost, on products that suffer from manufacturing defects. Please feel free to call initially with any problems, though after calling, repair requests must be put in email form, with photos attached.

Any damage caused by customers that requires repair may result in a repair fee, including a $4.00 shipping cost.
Lost single earrings will have a replacement fee of half the cost of a single set, as well as a $4.00 shipping cost.

The L.E.W. designs website does have a page entitled "Stockists", where we display the names and addresses of shops that retail L.E.W. designs.  This is used to let people know about your shop, and where they can shop L.E.W. designs in person.

L.E.W. designs will never share or sell your payment or personal information. Your privacy is very important to us. 

You will recieve shelf cards with logos and names of collections in your order.
Boxes will be provided upon request.

 What Is Argentium® Silver -
Argentium® silver is made with 100% recycled silver, manufactured in the USA. 
It is more pure than traditional sterling silver, with it's silver content being 93.5%
Argentium® silver is more tarnish resistant than traditional Sterling Silver, and has a whiter luster.


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