Freshwater Pearl Earrings


Freshwater Pearl Earrings


Lightweight, Comfortable, Secure Earrings - 

The Story of my ear-wire design - the part of the earring that rests in the piercing of your ear. 
I was discouraged by other earrings I owned, the wire was too thick, and bothered my ears because of the size. Most earrings just felt too heavy for my ears, and I found that uncomfortable throughout my day. I wanted to take them off constantly. Because of these problems I rarely wore earrings for many years, so, I decided to design and created a style of earring that I could wear so comfortably that they would not be a nuisance, even while going on a long hike!
Thus, this simple, secure, lightweight design was born! I was ecstatic to be able to wear and create earrings again.
Each pair has a little hook that secures the part of the ear-wire that goes through your piercing, so they will not slide out. 
This also indicates the "left" and "right" earring. The end of the hook should be facing your neck. This eliminates longer hair getting caught in the hook.

I create each ear-wire individually, by hand, using 24 Gage Stainless Steel wire. 

My earring designs are inspired by Kinetic sculptures and mobiles, they are designed to move as you wear them. This also means that as you wear them certain elements may not always hang as their photos show.

This pair of earrings are one-of-a-kind. If you should require a second pair please call, Text, or email me. I may be able to replicate a pair that you see, if the same kinds of stones or pearls are still on hand or, still available for me to acquire. I am happy to accommodate as much as I can with requests.

Elements - 
Off-White Freshwater Pearls

Ear-wires - Stainless Steel

Wires used for attaching elements - Argentium® Silver - Argentium® Silver is considered "Sterling 925 (9.25% silver)" but it is purer, and better - Argentium® Silver is 93.5% Silver, made with 100% recycled silver, and manufactured in the USA. That's music to my ears!

Total length of this pair of earrings - Approx. 2 1/2"

Ear-wire Length - Approximately 1" from the top of the loop that goes through your piercing, to the bottom of the loop that holds the other elements. This size varies ever-so-slightly due to each pair being individually handcrafted. The "Total length" above includes this measurement. 

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