Shipping –

USA - orders are shipped via USPS. Please allow 3-4 days for shipment - This can be adjusted, please call, Text or email if you need your order to be shipped sooner, I am happy to accommodate. You will receive an order confirmation number upon submission of your order, and a confirmation email when your order has shipped. You can use your tracking numbers in any contact you may need to make with L.E.W. designs in regards to your order.

Outside of USA - Please Email me if you need an item shipped outside of the USA. I am also happy to accommodate this need the best that I can.

How to keep your jewelry clean and gleaming –

I suggest wiping and polishing your pieces of silver with a polishing cloth after each wear. This removes any oils, chemicals, or pollutants that may have been picked up on your piece as you were wearing them throughout the day.

To additionally clean the Collar Style Necklaces I highly recommend washing them if you have been wearing sunscreen, lotion, or you wear your collar frequently (or daily, like I do). Wash them under warm water and rub with mild hand soap, I typically clean my collars like this once a week.

Argentium® Silver -

Argentium® silver is made with 100% recycled silver, manufactured in the USA, and it is purer than traditional sterling silver, with it's content being 93.5% silver. It is brighter and more lustrous than traditional sterling silver. Argentium® silver is more tarnish resistant than ordinary Sterling Silver, though to keep your piece looking bright and clean I recommend giving your silver a quick polish after wearing, to remove any oils, chemicals or pollutants that may have been picked up as you were wearing your piece throughout the day.

As well, storing your piece of jewelry in a zip bag after wearing is always the best practice, as the oxygen and pollutants in the air (over time) will cause your silver to tarnish/oxidize. 

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Privacy Policy


Last Updated 6/10/2015

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L.E.W. designs will keep your information private, we will never sell or give away your personal information. When you provide your information for an online order it is used solely for completion of that order, including shipping, payment, and any contact we may need to have with you to complete your order.

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