Twisted Linear Earring

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Linear Twist.jpg

Twisted Linear Earring


Enhance your look with the simple lines, and the glints of light in these lightweight and comfortable earrings from the Burnished collection. 
Each piece is individually handcrafted with solid, recycled silver, and designed to be very lightweight.

Each pair is made with a piece of twisted, silver wire attached to a thinner gauge silver wire to create the ear-wire that goes through your piercing. 
Two small, silver droplets are asymmetrically placed to give a beautiful affect of rain glistening down.
Each individual earring is slightly different, this is all part of the design.

With neutral style these earrings pair effortlessly with the rest of your jewelry box.

I use a thinner, more comfortable gauge of wire for the ear-wires on my earrings. 
No matter the style, I continue to use this same gauge because I have gotten great feedback from my lovely customers on this detail.

• Length of earring - Approx. 1 1/4" to the front. The back hangs down to approx. 1 3/4"

• Materials
Solid Argentium Silver 

• What Is Argentium® Silver
Argentium® silver is made with 100% recycled silver, manufactured in the USA. 
It is more pure than traditional sterling silver, with it's silver content being 93.5%
Argentium® silver is more tarnish resistant than traditional Sterling Silver, and has a whiter luster.
• Care
Please store your earrings on the card provided and inside the zip bag after each wear. This prevents tarnish conciderably.
They can be washed under warm, soapy water after wearing. This helps to remove all of the impurities that can be picked up from the oils on skin, and the air.
This should always be done after wearing sunscreen or lotion. 

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