Triangle Bracelet


Triangle Bracelet


An adjustable bracelet that fits many wrists sizes, yes please!

I am loving all of the styles of my adjustable silver bracelets, why… because I love having a timeless style of jewelry that is so neutral, I can mix and match the different designs together, I can stack and intertwine them with each other to create the look of a larger bracelet, and I can easily wear them with the other pieces of jewelry across my collections.

My wrist is 6" around, and I've always had a hard time finding a bracelet that had the solid look that I wanted, but didn't fall off, or spin on my wrist. I decided to make a bracelet that fit my criteria - One that stays in place, because It's the shape of a wrist, is made from solid Argentium Silver, and is adjustable for those days when a little tuning is needed to feel more comfortable.

I, and I know many others who love to wear them daily, while working, cleaning, cooking, and doing any number of other tasks.

I find them un-cumbersome and light enough on my wrist that I forget It's there, but I'm always reminded when I glance down and see the glints of shine coming from the silver as it catches the light.

• Length of Bracelet - 7”

Made to fit a wrist size 6" or less, up to a size 10" wrist.

Both ends are meant to meet or have a gap, depending on your wrist size. They can be adjusted as you need them to be, and will look a little different for everyone.

• Materials

Solid Argentium Silver

Each Coffee Bean is created individually. they are not casted, so each bean is unique, and will have a slight variation, this is part of their charm.

• What Is Argentium® Silver

Argentium® silver is made with 100% recycled silver, manufactured in the USA.

It is more pure than traditional sterling silver, with it's silver content being 93.5%

• Care

Please store your Silver inside the zip bag provided after each wear. This prevents tarnish considerably.

Solid silver pieces can be washed under warm, soapy water, and dried after wearing. This helps to remove all of the impurities that can be picked up from the oils on skin, and the pollutants in the air. This should always be done after wearing sunscreen or lotion. 

All of my solid silver pieces can be dipped in a silver jewelry cleaning solution.

Silver pieces can also be shined up with a silver jewelry polishing cloth before or after wearing.

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