Druzy Quartz & Granite Abyss Style Pendant


Druzy Quartz & Granite Abyss Style Pendant


The Abyss Pendant - Striking, elegant, simple, breathe in the good energy...

One or more piece of striking Druzy Quartz are used in each pendant of the Abyss collection. As I have gazed into the little glimmering crystals that make up the Druzy, it feels as if you are looking into the abyss of the universe. They shine and sparkle so beautifully in the natural sunlight. 
All of the elements are secured against a soft leather background by either, Stainless Steel or Sterling Silver. All spirals are created using Stainless Steel. 

Wear the Abyss pendant simply on a collar or, layer your look with multiple necklaces.

I find the Abyss Style pendant to be an easy piece to travel with. The natural, and neutral colors in the elements easily coordinate with my clothing choices, so this eliminates the need for carrying (or worrying about) extra jewelry as I travel.

Stainless Steel, or Argentium (Sterling Silver) wire secures all of the surface elements together, and to a leather background. It should be expected that there will be some slight movement in the hanging elements.

The back of the pendant is finished with a soft piece of leather as well, so it will be comfortable against your skin.

This piece is one-of-a-kind.

Elements -

Druzy Quartz
Sterling Silver
Stainless Steel
Black Leather
Red Leather

Pendant Size - 1 3/4"w x 4 1/2"t

Note : This pendant is sold separately from the collar shown in any pictures. Click here to shop our range of comfortable collars.


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